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Shaping Voices

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Munitionettes project
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August 2014-January 2015

Autumn 2012 Memory Book
Working with woman with Alzeihmers to create a template for a book to accompany her into different care situations, giving history, information from main carers and what appears to be important to the person at this point and what works as methods of communication.

Shaping Voices Creative Workshops
Shaping Voices
11 days Creative workshops for over 50s in Hastings and Bexhill
October-November 2011

A Weekend Away
Shaping Voices A Weekend Away

Rehearsals, March 29, April 13
Performances, April 14 at Hydro Hotel Eastbourne,
June 25 at Redoubt Fortress

Bee Event
Shaping Voices Ten Week Creative Writing Course

Jan - Mar

A Weekend Away
A Weekend Away

Eastbourne in the 1950s and 60s
April 2010

Froffy Coffee
Froffy Coffee at the Pam Dor

June 2009




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