Clare Whistler

Gifts Series

A Candle For Light
Artists Clare Whistler, Joanna Haigood, Tamsin Currey
Number five of "The Gift Series" a 10 year Project by Clare Whistler based on eight objects that were traditionally given in the north of England, to welcome a new child into the world. These symbolic good luck gifts were perceived as what were needed in a life.

Egg for life
Coal for heat
Evergreen for eternity
Salt for health & flavour
Candle for light
Bread for food
Coin for wealth
A silver ring for love throughout life.

Egg for Life 2005
Keats House, London
Artists CW, Jen Mitas, Alasdair Middleton

Coal 2007
Bunces Barn, East Sussex
Artists CW, Alex MacInnis, Victoria Rance, Sophia Campeau-Ferman

Yews & Eternity 2009
Independent Photographers Gallery, Church Yard and field, Battle, East Sussex
Artists CW, John Agard, Wycliffe Stutchburry, Richard Davies, Philip Carr-Gomm, Jane Buckler, Kate Adams, Alan Judd

Salt 2010
Electro Studios and in the sea, St Leonards On Sea, East Sussex
Artists CW, Kjell Torriset,

Film makers Kate Adams, Rebecca Marshall, Tim Corrigan
Film editor Sam Sharples

Graphic Design Raphael Whittle

All these events have been "Gifts". They are presented to a small invited audience, many returning each time, and always containing a stranger. There are many artifacts and documentations that have been collected from the events, including a book for each Gift.


Gift Series Event with Kjell Torriset
July 10

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Yews and Eternity

Gifts Series No.3
With ´╗┐Kate Adams, John Agard, Richard Davies,
Wycliffe Stutchbury, Jane Buckler
February 2009
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Gifts Series No.2
With Alex McInnis, Victoria Rance, Jane Buckler, Sophia Campeux,
November 2007

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Gifts Series No.1
Written by Alisdair Middleton, sculpture designed by Margaret Higginson,
performed by CW and Jen Mitas
Keats House, October 2005
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