A Cloak for Courage

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A Cloak for Courage was conceived by eco-poets kin’d & kin’d (Kay Syrad & Clare Whistler) and designed and made by Larch Rose


kin’d & kin’d: 


Kay Syrad


Clare Whistler


Larch Rose

The Cloak is in two parts, made from vintage organdie cotton, 300 x160cm, embroidered using an Irish embroidery machine.

The six lines of poetry on the cloak are:

an outer cloak for inner heart; a message from beauty; a snowdrop, lichen, larch; a patterning of touches; a hollowing and a holding; courage, a dare of love.

In the evolution of our thoughts about courage at this time of eco-crisis, we wanted to focus on the other-than-human so there are 48 pockets in the Cloak, 47 containing natural objects gathered locally near our homes in East Sussex. The other pocket contains the drawings of the sound-waves of each of the objects as we imagined them. The embroidered lines are taken from our writings in the presence of the objects over several months.