Mountain & Wilderness Intensive Writing Residency

Mountain & Wilderness Intensive Writing Residency
November 2017
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Alberta, Canada

Nine writers with editors Marni Jackson and Anthony Whittome


A book of poems from year-long early morning writing practice from July 2016 to July 2017, 
with a collection of haikus about pond types. 


Pond Conversation
A digital year long conversation with writer Matilda Bathurst edited into an essay and spoken word piece. 


PondWeek Installation
Developing community responses from PondWeek 2017 into 5-100 ‘ponds’ to be exhibited on floor and walls with objects, film, photographs, text.


Pond Walk Pond Talk – A Pondering
14 November 2018
Starting with a walk along snow laden trail alongside Vermillion Lake the group gathered at a pond with geologist and local expert Jim Olver. Readings from Thoreau’s Walden and CW poems ad a long silence waiting for otters to appear. Transport back to Painter House in the Banff Centre. Hot chocolate with whiskey. Sitting around the sewn pond the group took part in a Pondering. With live music composed and played by concert pianist Andrew Rumsey CW danced a poem, read poems and then invited pond memories and gentle recollections of things that take us to the deep.


Poetry Reading
The Wild Flour
Banff 17 November 2018