Accord – Eco Body

An exploration of the word


By eco poets Jemma Borg, Kim Lasky, Karen Smith, Kay Syrad, Clare Whistler

With music and mixing: Alex MacInnis

Voice: Tamsin Currey

Under the collective name Eco Body they collaboratively investigate their responses to chosen themes



Published on The Dark Mountain Project April 2024


Why Accord?

It was a way to think differently about eco systems coming together – human and non-human.  Instead of ‘compromise’ they thought about finding ’accord’ – each approaching this through things that were on their minds at the time –

for Clare Whistler 52 Accords, this was Music & Birds
for Kim Lasky Accord (verb) the islanders of Kirabass
for Kay Syrad Dog Knows, it was her relationship with a dog
for Jemma Borg What, in the Library of Beings, was reminded of her experience as a geneticist working with DNA
and for Karen Smith’s ACCORD looked to the smallest lifeforms – bacteria and yeast

The result is a  meld of what it means to seek and find accord as we move through life in touch with others, other organisms, other agents in our eco-systems, other ways of knowing and being – musical notes, islanders, birds, dogs, leaves, yeast, cells, minuscule and vital


Other Eco Body projects:

The first project was Wetland Eco Body, six poems derived from time spent together on the Pevensey Levels, a marshland in East Sussex

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