Newsletter September 2018

My work revolves around collaboration and the elemental.


25th September – 13th November 2018

Finding collaborative ways to creative poetry in a more-than-human way, by de-centring the human to connect with the elements through tentacular thinking ‘Changing Everything Carefully’* – a new autumn Eco Poetics course by Clare Whistler and Kay Syrad, at ONCA on Tuesday 25 September and continue for 8 weeks, 6.30 – 8.30pm, with two experiential breakout days at Vert Institute in Laughton (on Sunday 21 October and Sunday 18 November). Using Donna Haraway’s idea of ‘tentacular’ or connective thinking, we are attempting to de-centre the human in favour of a greater awareness of the elements and other species in our thinking and writing; and often working collaboratively during the sessions.

Myths in the Wood

27th September 2018 2-4pm 19th November 2018 2-4pm

A seasonal exploration of myths in a woodland setting An invitation to hear, share and discuss the myths of Persephone in Autumn & Sealskin in Winter. The afternoon includes an introduction to myths, stories and their history, and a retelling of Persephone & Sealskin, opening into a discussion and exploration. We welcome knowledge and no knowledge. You are free to join in or just listen and participants can walk in the woods before and/or after the meeting.

Building with Water Symposium

Saturday 29th September 2018 1.30-6pm

A ceremony performance of crying/singing about water using chantepleures: terracotta medieval watering cans.

Architects, activists and artists will come together to explore the theme of water. As the risk of water scarcity and flood risk increases both locally and globally, our panel of national and international presenters reimagine our relationship with water.

Ruhul Abdin, Paraa (Dhaka-London architectural studio) & Niklaus Graber curator of the international Bengal Stream  Bangladeshi architecture exhibition.
Richard Coutts – principal BACA Architects – leading UK specialist floating buildings studio. Clare Whistler and Charlotte Still, co-founders of Pevensey Marshes Water Week Festival and Jane Trowell from PLATFORM
Andri Snaer Magnasson –Icelandic poet and environmentalist whose Dreamland book and film activism was instrumental in stopping the damming of central Highlands, Iceland.
Maggie Black – world water and sanitation authority and author of the Global Atlas of Water.
Chamchamal Healing Garden for Victims of Torture and War Trauma, Northern (Kurdistani) Iraq with Leon Radeljic from ZRS Architects/Engineers and Leif Hinrichson from
the Jiyan Foundation.

Fitzroy House, Lewes, BN7 2AD

Trench Brothers, HMDT Music

Wednesday 17 October 2018 7pm

A children’s opera with puppets about WWI and the soldiers of India & the Caribbean

A new music theatre work commemorating in Brighton the contributions of ethnic minority soldiers during the First World War through music, theatre and puppetry.

Multi-award winning jazz vocalist Cleveland Watkiss
Acclaimed baritone Damian Thantrey and actor Richard Sumitro
250 children from local schools in Brighton, Lewes, Newhaven and Seaford
 Students from I Can Sing! Performing arts
The Julian Joseph Jazz Academy
Jasdeep Singh Degun Classical Indian Duo
Directed by Clare Whistler and Freya Wynn-Jones
Conducted by Lee Reynolds
Designed by Neil Irish

Brighton Dome, Church Street, Brighton BN1 1UE

Drinking the Mead of Poetry

Saturday, 10 November 2018 at 10am-4pm

Poetry as transformative inspiration for writers & creatives

Where does a writer find his inspiration? Where does a poet source her ideas? Do they come from somewhere outside us – and if so, where?

What do old stories and lost gods have to say to us in a fast-changing world – and how might they guide our pens?

Join us on a quest for the mead of poetry – the source of inspiration for artists, writers, storytellers and creators throughout the ages. This unique, one-off event explores the transformative power of ancient myths and folktales for writers and other creative people who are looking to re-inject some wild power into their work.  The day will include: – Tellings of ancient stories from around the world – from Scandinavia, South America, Europe and Africa – which shed light on the elusive source of creative inspiration – Writing quests based around the stories – Talks and discussion on the continued relevance of old myths in the contemporary world – A unique, participatory ritual devised especially for this event.

The day is led by writer Paul Kingsnorth, storyteller Andreas Kornevall and choreographer Clare Whistler.

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, London, United Kingdom Phone: 020 7496 1610

Creative Writing courses for Sussex Downs

Hastings, Bexhill & Crowborough

Creative writing courses to inspire the creativity & fund of finding your own writing voice. Five-week courses for the community based on the poetry of ordinary objects

Endless Imagination

January 2019 – December 2021

Finding the co-creativity in people with dementia through live improvisation with movement & music.

Endless Imagination will focus on the creativity of older people; what they could achieve in the here and now rather than focusing on reminiscence or who they used to be. This project will explore the ways that older people can continue to develop as creative individuals in order to improve their quality of life and well-being.

Spitalfields Music aims to engage with 180 older people and staff in three care homes in Tower Hamlets, with weekly sessions over a period of three years, from 2018–2021. Julian West (Royal Academy of Music & Wellcome Collection) will lead a multi-arts team of musicians and artists who will improvise new pieces with care home residents, putting residents in control of the performance and providing them with opportunities for self-expression and creativity.

March 2019

Waterweek 6

With artist Charlotte Still

April 2019

Stanford University

Clare will return to Stanford, California for the third year to give a course around the theme of gardens

May 2019

Zaccho Dance Theatre

Part of Zaccho’s site specific performance on Mount Tamalpais

Ongoing work:

Ritual Burial:

A collection of ritual burials performed by women artists to be shown in an exhibition & publication.

Starting with an exhibition November 2017 at ONCA, Ritual Burial is an ongoing project collecting ritual burials by women artists towards further exhibitions and a book, an idea based on Meadowsweet, a poem by Kathleen Jamie. Each artist chooses a specific place for a ritual burial, and thinks of something from their life that they would like to ritually bury. They are then photographed in this place with a ceremony as a ritual. Afterwards, they immediately write whatever is felt, and the photograph and the writing will become part of the piece.


Rediscovering what living elementally with earth, air, fire & water can bring 2 artists, 4 elements, 6 workshops, 8 women: an experiential exploration of the elements through movement, site-specific artworks and meditation. Create a visual memoir of your elemental journey through earth, air, fire & water and what they mean to you. A collaboration with artist Xaverine MA Bates.

Weather diaries

Collaboration with Laura Coleman

A writing exchange between our doorsteps in Ashburnham, England and Egg, Scotland

Sanctuary days for the Sara Lee Trust

Part-time work at Court Lodge Dairy

Dancers in Landscape